Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Windows Server 2012 - A Quick View

When I am evaluating windows 8 especially its Metro UI, I was wondering how will be the Windows Server UI looks like. Recently I get a chance to Setup Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate for evaluating SQL Server 2012 features and SharePoint 2013 features.

Here are the some of the screen shots on how Windows Server 2012 looks, A complete different experience compared to previous editions.

1. Login Screen

2. Landing Screen 

3. After installing other software's likeSQL Server 2012 & SharePoint 2013, you are going to see many more tiles for easy access as shown in the following image:

 4. Server Manager Screen - Now it helps to do most of the admin operations from here itself.

I liked the way Microsoft moving towards Metro UI for all their Apps including Windows Server!

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