Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SharePoint Server 2013 Installation and Configuration

In this article I will show how to install & configure SharePoint 2013 Preview.

We can install SharePoint either on a Physical Server or an Virtual Box, In either of the case we have to make sure at least we have minimum Hardware & Software needs for SP 2013 as provided in the technet article.

In this article I am going to explain on how we can create a SharePoint 2013 Virtual Image for development/evaluation purpose only. We need the following software's to setup:

1. Oracle Virtual Box or VM Player
2. Windows Server 2012 Preview Download
3. SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition Download
4. SharePoint 2013 Preview Download

While I am writing this blog on how I setup my virtual server using Oracle Virtual Box, I found another blog "SharePoint 2013 Development Image" where the blogger explained in much granular level. I will suggest to refer to this on how to setup SharePoint 2013.

I should have found this blog even before I capture the images during my setup which might saved lots of time for me :)

The only difference I did during my SharePoint setup is installing Pres-Requisites manually one by one as my environment is in Isolated network with no access to Internet (for some security reasons). I might have done this though the command prompt.

Following are some of the screen shots:

1.SharePoint 2013 Central Administration Screen Shot

2. SharePoint 2013 Site Collection Screen Shot

I found one interesting spelling mistake in the setting page as shown below:

Once I evaluate certain feature, I will share it in this blog.

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