Monday, August 10, 2009

SharePoint Designer 2010 (Technical Preview) Installation Issue

Recently I tried to install SharePoint Designer 2010 to get the early working experience and new features of the product when compared to SPD 2007.

When I am Install SPD 2010 on one of our XP machine, I am getting the following error:

I am still looking on how to fix this issue, if I get any solution I will post it here...


Robin Majumdar said...

Sorry to hear that your SPD 2010 CTP won't install... This version of SPD sure has many hot new features (workflows attached to content types, yahoo!)

Check out this article over at MSDN about the Error 1935 issue:

Good luck,

kenzie jones said...

I want to install SPD 2010 also.But now I am seeing your blog.It means if you have problem then may be I have problem also.Please share how we moved out from this problem.
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