Sunday, September 2, 2012

SharePoint 2013 - Key Changes in Service Applications

There are few key changes to Service Applications with SharePoint 2013. Lets see what are these changes:

Web Analytics Service Application
       Web Analytics Service Application is introduced in SharePoint 2010 and it is no more available as a Service Application in SharePoint 2013. It is fully integrated with Search Service Application.

Office Web Application

      Office Web Application is also introduced with SharePoint 2010 and it is no longer a Service Application in SharePoint 2013 and it is not even comes as a Separate Installable for SharePoint.

App Management Service Application

      App Management Service Application is a new feature in SharePoint 2013, this feature is very similar to Mobile App Store/Market place. This feature allows you to purchase an SharePoint Applications directly  from Microsoft Market Place and the licensing for these Applications are managed by the App Management Service.

Machine Translation Service Application

      Machine Translation Service is a new service application introduced with SharePoint 2013 Preview. This Service App provides automatic machine translation of files or all the files within a Document Library or even Site. When the Machine Translation Service application processes a translation request, it forwards the request to a cloud-hosted machine translation service, where the actual translation work is performed.
The Machine Translation Service application processes translation requests asynchronously and synchronously. Asynchronous translation requests are processed when the translation timer job executes.

Machine Translation Service also includes a client object model (CSOM) that enables access to the Machine Translation Service API for online, on-premises, and mobile development.

More details about this Service App is available at MSDN Article.

Work Management Service Application

     The Work Management Service Application provides functionality to aggregate tasks to a central location.
    - Users get the possibility to view and track their to-dos and tasks.
    - Tasks can be cached to a users personal site.
    - Tasks can be aggregated from Exchange, Project Server and SharePoint.

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SharePoint Support and Managed Services said...

SharePoint has many of its features optimum on its basic use level but yes changes in service applications are under monitoring and will be implemented soon